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Be ready for long-term growth:
Build, operate and transfer

Your brand. Your management. A deep talent pool. Sustainable operational transparency and value.

Rapid growth to global scale

A complete tech team of industry experts.

Achieve seamless transparency

Operations fully integrated with your global team.

Recruit to drive retention

Build critical mass that rolls over into your own subsidiary.

The Problem

Your market is heating up. Product teams can’t keep up with customer demand.

What are the barriers keeping your technical organization from executing on customer and market opportunities to drive the next 2–5 years of sustainable growth?

R&D spend is up, but productivity is down

Managers spend more time interviewing than hiring and launching killer features.

Competitors’ features win customers faster

You forecast 2+ years of market growth. Can you add up 10 devs every month to grow your engineering horsepower?

Outsourced roadmap? You don’t own the road.

Short-term standalone projects don’t translate into a long-term strategic asset or valuation.

The Solution

At UpTeam®, we think there’s a better way

Whether it’s for a new business model, a new product strategy, or a new data-driven business, UpTeam’s Strategic Development Center is the solution for Build, Operate and Transfer. It’s a proven quick start platform designed for the long term.

You get tried-and-true insights that build your brand on the local job market, combined with the agility and maturity to integrate with your corporate culture across all parts of the planet.

This year

We launch your new opening team with the skills to close your critical gaps, and line up a full cohort of employees whose expertise forms the foundations of long-term leadership.

Next year

As your dev center builds momentum for your product in your market, we work together to optimize alignment of critical processes with your internal dev, product, HR and exec teams.

Inflection point

With your dev center operating full steam, you’re ready for the transition to direct management, backed by our continued support for efficient operations and continued growth.

Let's Collaborate

Design dev teams right for the right results

“Your development team is a strategic asset, and there’s no good reason for short-term accounting to become the sole driver of the strategic viability. When you think about it in terms of strategy, think about your 2 to 5-year horizon, match that to the available talent pool. Many of today’s remote R&D and dev centers for US companies were originally built and delivered by local professional firms under the Build Operate and Transfer model (BOT).”
Michael Philip

CEO, UpTeam™


Key Strategic Dev Center Features

Rapid tech team ramp, all under one roof

Scale out a dedicated team of software developers and engineering leadership for aggressive organic growth.

Integrated operational transparency with HQ

Fully integrated with your Tech & non-tech KPIs and business processes: HR, Finance, marketing, Support, and more.

It’s your IP, you own all the work product

No obscure riders or due-diligence surprises. The code, licenses, and work product are all yours.

Rigorous, repeatable engineering execution

Consistent well-coordinated development of features and functions, from cloud to mobile and everything in between.

Engineering Development Operations

Turnkey sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, career development, retention, performance management, skills leveling and training.

Adaptive project management and scoping

Experts trained to handle rapidly-changing requirements keep your product ahead of evolving goals.

Measured, managed, cost-aware

Achieve business outcomes while keeping a lid on costs, so the whole business can maximize your tech ROI.

CTO-led architecture roadmap management

End-to-end full stack strategy: active collaboration on tech choices to keep pace with market needs.

Technical talent & leadership development

Establish your brand on the local talent market to make your company the hot destination for high-potential technical talent.

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